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Domestic Warehousing Services

BWT’s Domestic Warehouses offer a suite of services including inventory management, order fulfillment, product customization, 3PL services with JIT capabilities, monitoring of stock by expiration and lot, labelling, gift packing, barcode printing, quality assurance, goods disposal, and operate FDA-compliant, climate-controlled facilities.

  • Inventory Fulfillment
  • Distribution
  • Kitting & Product Customization
  • Monitor (Product Expiration / Lot Control)
  • Labeling
  • Gift Packing
  • Barcode Printing
  • Quality Checking
  • Goods Disposal
  • FDA Compliant Facilities
  • Climate Conditioned Warehouses

U.S. Customs Bonded Warehousing Services

BWT’s Bonded Warehousing services offer significant financial and operational benefits such as: deferring customs duties, improving cash flow, enhancing customer service by meeting demand promptly, ensuring quality and security with advanced systems, providing easy port access to reduce logistics costs, insuring goods with higher limits, and leveraging Class 3 Bonded Warehousing for international shipping, with options for long-term duty-free storage or efficient asset consolidation for export, potentially reducing tax expenses by 25–30%.

1. Defer Customs Duty

Payment is due only after the products leave the warehouse and are put on the market for sale. This gives you time to complete any additional pre-sale preparations, and it can also provide a welcome boost to your cash flow during the sale process. If the items are to be exported, the costs of transportation and storage are eliminated. The use of bonded warehousing can help businesses reduce their tax expenses by 25–30%.

2. Improved Customer Service
In a bonded warehouse, it is possible to order goods well ahead of projected demand and hold them until they are needed, allowing you to provide a better experience to your clients. Bonded warehouses offer importers stress-free storage space, allowing them to transit products without difficulty. The bonded warehouses are under 24-hour monitoring, have postponed duties and taxes, and are not under any time constraints to complete papers or make payments.
3. Quality Assurance
Bonded warehousing facilities are built to store any product for an extended period without compromising the quality. Bonded Warehouses are suited to store anything that you can think of safely.
4. Enhanced Security
Importing products into some other country may be a stressful and anxious experience for some. One of the last things they would want to happen is that they begin to worry about their product’s safety. When you store products in a bonded warehouse, you can rest confident that they are secure and that no one will gain access to your products. In order to protect both the commodities being stored and the people who work in the warehouses, bonded warehouses are frequently outfitted with high-tech security and fire suppression systems to keep everyone safe, including the goods themselves. Other advanced and effective security solutions such as security cameras, barcoding systems, and inventory management software are available, ensuring that all commodities stored are thoroughly documented and preserved.
5. Port Accessibility
Bonded warehouses are located near ports and are used to store products that have been cleared from a CFS (Container Freight Station). This enables businesses to store imported goods closer to the discharge ports, lowering lead times and cutting down their logistics expenses.
6. Insuring Goods
Bonded Warehouses offer higher insured limits and require higher vetting of the proprietor.
7. BWT has Class 3 Bonded Warehousing for International Shipping

One of the most significant benefits of using a Class 3 Bonded Warehouse is a company can import products into a bonded warehouse and store them there until they are needed again. The merchant can choose between two possible paths:

  1. Importing (IT) – When there is a significant decrease in demand for the products, they can be stored in warehouses until the demand increases. At that point, the importer will be responsible for paying tariffs on the items as they are transported to their final destination inside the country of holding. It is not necessary to import all the goods at the same time. Cargo can be warehoused in a Class 3 Warehouse for up to 5 years Duty free.
  2. Exporting (TE) – Merchants can hold products at the warehouse to assist asset consolidation before the commodities are exported again. The merchant does not have to pay duty fees till the consolidated products are kept under the supervision of Customs. This avoids the possibility of double taxation.




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